6 December 2005


What is maturity?? When will a person reaches out his maturity?? What do it need to be 'label' as matured?

THESE are the points and questions that wandered and keeps on hovering inside my latent mind... As a human being, and with the profession that i am sitting at the time being, i kept asking my self how to be matured.

Why do I need to be matured?
it is a thing that i really need in order for me to be appreciated. To be knowned and more over, to be respected, to be listened, to be significant. But the way I am being treated is at the other side. I am being left over, pushed aside, brushed off, considered as malevolent and seems it is as irrevocably predestined.

In a world which is full of Testosteron governance. U need to be a polyglot. Multi-tasked and fully indemnified. The substance that can only verify u to become a champion of all tally, is Maturity. That is the most indisputable and undeniable truth up to today.

Again, why? The answer lies in the fortified Maturity level that we need to acquire to live up to the par. For the purpose, we have to optimize our ability (as in mine, now,at the minimum level)to achieve the dream. Therefore, the bad feeling.. the omen, the jinx, being left out, and again.. again.. and again... being underestimated... and always becoming the last resort upon everything..

Who to blame?
No one.. because it will back-fired again to us!

How to increase it? How to get it? Perhaps Father Nature will tell...

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