22 December 2005

Listen to me pleaseeeeee!!!!!

ok.. ok.. enough with all those nice talk.. sweet and romantic pardon... dont forget to take ur funky fake smile too with u... and ur full furnished crap that u r trying to show it to the world.. seriously..i dont give a full-f***g-d**n s**t about what people are saying about u..

So, i dont 'clicked' with u often.. and as a rookie/newbie/freshie/good-to-be-blame to-officer/scapegoat/black stool/sucker/bozo.. [pick what ur favorite, ladies and gentlemen].. i've messed up my work.. a ha.. i do make a blunder... i try to become a copycat of what good and what not.. yes i dont have my own cool looks.. im not John Wayne..i always feel inferior... i ve a blabber tounge.. and im not tough either....... but...... i just want to warn u that i have my own stand.. i stand on my own feet.. i dont really need u... i can do it by my own.. i dont have to report to u.. if u have been sooo anticipated in ur work.... stop procrastinating... stop whining.. get ur engine on.. and give out the most outstanding kick start... cross the finish line with beautiful front page shot..and start on new race, be better...... do UR JOB Properly......and somewhat ... finish it!!!

u know what.. (WTF)..... i dont really know what u had done in those past years of yours, in ur service line.. but...if u kept on pushing it, in a very good way.. u would have gone further.. maybe reaches out the sky... and not to be stucked in this HELL....Stop bugging me..and try not to snoop on my movement again .. MANNERS!!! Man,I am really hoping .. u'll always clean ur plate before u hand it out to other people.. Oh.. maybe u have not heard words like "HOMEWORK and COMMUNICATION"?.. does the sound of those words ring ur sense's Bell?..come onn... if u do.. u should have acted better .. Then, all the other counterparts wont try to pull ur 'DICK' again.. therefore, world will be a better place to fit in... Well.. im trying to make a living here dude! Try to be considerate-Lah!! Ok?

this is words that i want to spill out to my immediate boss.. but.. with all the protocols.. manners and.. somewhat i dont have the guts.. in fact, im still rationale, still have my legs and arms intact to my body.those are the words which appeared to me apparently after i got scolded by Senior Director in the previous meeting.. am i too Straight forward? What are the irrelevancies which should not be included in the SPEECH...? What!? What!? What?...

Ego and where u are that is the thing.... well.. my humbleself is being stomped and chewed alive.. in front of all the people.. at the meeting.. my confidences is being thrown from the seat through out the window .. amidst of the blunder i've made... tried.. but.. always being cut off.. and i mean it.. cut oooofffff..... they dont listen.. they just jumped into conclusion and there u are. left alone, shrinked out and felt like your brain is at the size of a raisin.. all ur capabilities being downsized in right in front of your very own ego.. that is it.. Downsizing is what the bosses are capable of!

They were moulded into the figure of a TITAN... Big Mouth and teeth. scally skins with horns and and 4 wings.. hovering up above the sky waiting to strike down and strangled or even chew on their prey.. [which is me.. the rookie...]flesh and blood. rawly... which again, makes them look very good. feels very good. But, from the prey's point of view, the bad thing is.. no one is there to protect u..not only that, they even... tie u up.. and usher u to the 'Beast'... u cant scream, u cant move, u cant even breath.. what u can do is just to accept Fully of what u be put at and later u'll grow up to become the 'Beast' yourself.... wait till u really grow up...
really really grow up..

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