12 August 2007


1. nothing new in life.

2. A boring sunday.

3. Im Addicted to 'Company of Heroes.'

4. Im addicted to 'Peel Fresh." (TM)

5. I am addicted to sleep.

6. I have too much things to do.

7. I have a complicated toilet routine.

8. I wish i had a better pay.

9. I wish i had more Sundays.........

all of those mentioned above are a dream to be live.. or a live the dream..

6 August 2007


The topic of what I am about to blog does not really reflect any significant relation between each other. It is just something which I want to reflect base on my personal experience today. Well, to my dearest readers (if there is any).. consider this:

2. You enter a lift.. some of them are people who are suppose to be in higher ranks than you.. As a matter of fact, you had never encounter them directly. Which concurrently will definitely make you feel ackward, odd and obliterated. To ride from Ground Floor to another (in my case 7).. can be consider a 'helluva' ride.. In addition, they would go and chat to each of the 'passenger' about almost everything... sports, food, luncheon venue, etc. blah dee blah and you are excluded from the 'greet'.. How would you feel? Alas, what I could do is just to look at my empty shirt pocket and wiggle my finger inside my trouser's pocket.... thinking when would this dilemma ends?

3. Having a wonderful job with comfortable pay, makes me feel wonderful and at ease. But that is also main factor that contributes solely to my big 'L' (laziness) syndrome. I really hope some physical challenge comes soon so that I will be refreshed and on going.

that should be it. what say you?