31 December 2007

Of the End of 2007

Today is the last day of 2007. I am still in the middle of encrypting some thots into my 360. In my office. Tomorrow will be the beginng 2008. But my life is still benign. My story goes blaa dee blah. As the clock spins the truth is still unanswered. Emptiness has lurked my aims. I almost lost my grip.

People as usual encroach their life by renewing their resolution. By percentage I believe 50% do not achieve whatever things that they had resolute at early of this year. Gross. I am too. In fact, I do not even realize what my resolutions was. Nope. Hate me. Ditch me. Grope me. But forgive me for I still can not recall it.

Well, I want to thanks Mr. Stephen R. Covey for the habits of succesful people. Sir, with all due respect, it is already there and believe me you are just naming it as such so that it would sell and make you gazillions of profits. I wanted to tell you that it is not that impressive to come out with the 8th, 9th, 10th or whatever trick you have under your sleeve. It should tell that, all readers who reads your self help books do not have what it takes to achieve the 'glory' effect and spare me to say that they are edging to become a loser.

Next is to thank Mr. "who-dont-sweat-under-small-stuffs". Please observed that the sweats are small enough to provide you. Bad B.O., Smelly armpits, rashes and all its related illness. Please be reminded that the small stuff called "atom", had carved its name into this world history namely "Nagasaki" and "Hiroshima" and still nobody sweats to this? Do explain.

Oh about globalisation, it is good that there is a brain that actually working this planet. Mr. Friedman.. Thomas L.Friedman, your are absolutely right. Nobody can stop a "tsunami" except the Almighty Creator Himself. You Know Who. But still they believe that Internet which was provided only and ONLY prove to become a "tool-of-entertainment". SO BE IT. Leaves us "toads" under our own roof and only watch the beauty of "information" through "filtration" and "sedimentation". Leave us be for you are the one who are going to dominate this world forever. Information technology are not for the young ones.

Frankly, 2007 is an era of modern technology. Everything must be wireless or otherwise be called OBSOLETES. Surroundings at the age of an infant has been poked with PSP (PlayStation (R) Portable) or Wii. The ultimate exercise recommended today. Do not worry. We adults had miraculously found all cures for all deseases including heart attacks, stress related illness, diabetics and all. Do not worry. The future lies within our hands. Just swallow whatever we feed you son.

Lots more for me to scrawl. But that would make me a gruesome idiot. I am way better than that. I should be better than you 2007. I am going to head to 2008 with my lightning transportation. Catch me if you can.

7 December 2007


We really had it with all the rumours, false accusations and silly appeal for obnoxious rights. They think that they have the rights to do that after they accused the Government of Malaysia for "marginilising" them. They claim that the administration had intentionally leave them to the level of destitute. Yet, they are "forgetting" something.

The truth are being not being sung. The accusations are abhorrent. They are pushing it too much and to the limit. They took the political stability here for granted. Maybe they were thinking that they are the most unfortunate and not being crude enough to be this fellow countrymen.

The "back bone" of the country which are currently being smashed directly with this malignant and misbehaving is still in control. Actually after what these irresponsible group of people had done, we can see that the "sway" are still abstaining themselves from taking rash action. Which they could done at a stroke of a fountain-pen. Why? Because we are no thugs. We have lived the day by abiding the law. That is why.

But, still the unruly goes on. Words spread and it has put an unwanted scars to the history of our beloved Malaysia. This will later be remembered by all generations for a very long time as bad pun. As a result of that, the short term impact that were experienced by us are, blocked traffic, plans interrupted, consciousness are intimidated and country's image is tarnished. This surely has gone overboard.

Personally I look to the point that they felt secluded mainly because of their lifestyle. In addition, through movies from their original country influence. They display themselves as "divinely" strong and nothing can stop them even if the world has to come to an end for their admiration and believes. Only by doing it the "hard-way" then they would be "listened-to" whilst they can do it in a better ways!

The foundation of their fathom and their mindset is a total miscontrues. These confused beliefs originated from "haggledy-piggledy" minds, irresponsible and are clouded with self-interests. If they are so cared about what their beliefs, they could gather the "manpower" and their influence to churn some profits. Run a business, sell something, generate some money rather than becoming a brawler?

The thing is, we are living in the same climates. Eating at the same foods. Dynamicly existed as a proud nation for at least 50 years. A period of maturity. We should look forward and for God graciousness sake, we are not that stupid and unfortunate compared to others outside this country. We share the same educations, speaks of the same language and we do trade at the same currencies. Again why must this mishaps occurs? I do not understand.

Finally, I believe maybe everybody including me should take a breather. We should think and compare our beliefs about becoming a nation. A proud nation where everybody's blood is red and the bone is white. No matter of ethnicity and races. It is a vision that could be and not even possible to be achived Moreover, globalisation is a rapid wave. Inability to cope with that wave will later leaves us behind. Not only the seccluded group will be as per claimed, but our Nation will be seccluded and will cease its existence as a proud nation where most of the developed countries do 'take a bow' of respect for our achievement now. Therefore, i still hold a very strong hope deep inside the bottom at my heart for greater unity and shall not approve this vociferous actions.

30 November 2007


The truth is, I am still a green grass at the investing field. I have started (virtually) with RM250K of capital and within 2 months I had Lost RM100K. I do not know how much further am I going to lose if I venture further into investing in stock market.

I vividly remembered that previously an ex-remiser which happens to be a friend of mine told me that Malaysian capital market is not about how much you are gaining but actually about how much you are willing to lose.

Frankly, I have no significant background on stocks, investing bla.. bla.. blah.. at all. But there is something inside me which is having an indefinite love to watch figures and charts.

Then there is this 'Bursa Pursuit'. A virtual investment game designed by 'Bursa Malaysia' came across the community. It began last October. The game is about to gain as much profit as you can after being granted (virtual) money amounting to RM250K. In relation to that they had also created an environment that mimics the real stock market for the investor to trade. All the codes, the stock's names, the price and the charting is almost as real as at the outside market. They also feature out the announcement of companies, corporate exercises, warrants, Indices and everything. The best thing amongst all is the personal game portfolio where you could watch your perfomance as you invest through the game.

Participants of the game can buy or sell, calculate the profits or loss and also see the actual trading history. Be remembered that the game also 'charges' fees as per real web brokerage of which is at 0.42% for every transaction made.

The game was designed for those who do not have any background on stock investing like me . The risks are real, but the cost is Zero. It did serves its purpose which are to educate and to expose younglings like me to the Malaysian capital market. For that, I tagged along and played for almost about 2 months of market days until it closes for good today for the year 2007.

It was fun but of course it is a little bit of 'cursings and swearings' as I do not even have a tiniest clue of what I am doing. I was eager and too keen. I had became impatient. I do not do my homework. Furthermore the pressure 'bullish' after I had to compete against myself and my friends. I had no game plan. Later I found out that I am losing my capital instead of gaining to any profit.

That indiscipline investment had made me losing control. It adds more after I followed a tip from a friend to invest into China's Structured Warrants. The moment it marched into the game, everybody was buying. As usual most of the amateur investors fail to calculate the risks. Therefore, everybody was losing including me. It was a sad moments the losses are irrevoccable and unalterable.

The point is, the game had really teaches me something. Investing directly in stock market is not just for a fun nor it is a playing matter. It is a game which tests your discipline and serenity. It also teaches me to be greatful of what you are having and protecting it from falling into ailing apprehension. Any decision made means that you are making, even to the smallest transaction, a step further to the double-edged risks. It does not matter ether you gain or loss. It has been decided. Nobody could change it. So be it.

Moreover, investing teaches me not to become an avarice. Avariciousness will always lead to greater loss. It has it's "gripping" effect and "married" effect. Meaning that. Once you lock in a buy or sell, matched features will leave you either gaining profit from it or put you through a losing streak. A "stop-loss" is a merely a tool to prevent you from falling into greater disaster. If your are hoping to re-gain after the losses, in the moment, amateurs will find themselves bounded to "hopeless". In due time you will give up and then surrender to your losses forever.

Personally I say that I am going to miss the intense feeling when I watched the fluctuating prices and volumes, booking profits and stop-lossing. I am sure to participate again next year with more confidents and pride. Next is a target to become a winner.
note: Bursa - bourse

28 November 2007

To The Person Who Bounces Back

For you...whatever.. and get a life..


Men oh Men

Hey... Got A Life?
Spare me a Change?
Im in short of something.

Certain human beings do not realize that they are committing mistakes and wrongdoings all the time. Even the most meticulous human on earth will suffer to this disease. The thing is, the said pain do not physically protrude as a broken bone coming out of your elbow. But the pain is still there.

Human are borned in a way that they will always look for perfection. A nature that was carefully selected and bestowed upon us by the Almighty Allah. In relation to that, human will always scavenge for perfection until he finds it. To a human, once the satisfaction quota has been achieved, the exploration will cease and he/she will further the chase into another sector.

In order to get the gauge filled, Allah had created another factor. This factor is called "check-and -balance". The accounted novelty is put inside another human just to mirror the explorers. It will tell either they are in the right track or had swerved to the path of destruction. Then, if I were to be in front of a mirror and to found myself blundered to the deteriorated and crumbled way, I will quickly adhered to the rule and pull myself to the correct footsteps again.

But then again, there are those who hate it so much to be corrected. These Hard-headed bozos always perceive things their own way. If a mishap should happen, they quickly point their point-finger to others and start to exclude themselves from the misdemeanor. NO such thing as a "Check-and-balance". Criticism is the 8th deadly sin and not a single item to replace it for the 8th virtue.Next thing is they will always put their feet forward and starts to waive their correctized clubs to all people. They are the utmost, unmitigated truth in the whole creation. That is what they claim.

What makes them think that way? Under their divine chapter of "seniority", humility is a non-existence. Those who evolutionize to the taste of "salt" will never admit that the salt is "masin". This proverb shall be foreign to non-Malaysian as it was derived from Malay proverb "...lebih dulu makan garam.." (earlier generation have greater wisdom than newer generation). Well, in term of wisdom yes the "salt" is "salty", but they tend to forget that salty is only for those who have the correct taste bud to taste it.

What I am trying to say is that, globalization will not going to adhere to the rules. Even the Chief Secretary of Malaysia also had stressed that Seniority has nothing to do with your ability and wisdom. Those who excel in their own field will be at a higher post. Not to forget that a principt that I shall never forget which was told by my forefathers "menunduk bukan bererti kalah, meninggi bukan bererti sombong." If this principle is applied to all human. Then the world is perfect and a perfect place to live.

12 August 2007


1. nothing new in life.

2. A boring sunday.

3. Im Addicted to 'Company of Heroes.'

4. Im addicted to 'Peel Fresh." (TM)

5. I am addicted to sleep.

6. I have too much things to do.

7. I have a complicated toilet routine.

8. I wish i had a better pay.

9. I wish i had more Sundays.........

all of those mentioned above are a dream to be live.. or a live the dream..

6 August 2007


The topic of what I am about to blog does not really reflect any significant relation between each other. It is just something which I want to reflect base on my personal experience today. Well, to my dearest readers (if there is any).. consider this:

2. You enter a lift.. some of them are people who are suppose to be in higher ranks than you.. As a matter of fact, you had never encounter them directly. Which concurrently will definitely make you feel ackward, odd and obliterated. To ride from Ground Floor to another (in my case 7).. can be consider a 'helluva' ride.. In addition, they would go and chat to each of the 'passenger' about almost everything... sports, food, luncheon venue, etc. blah dee blah and you are excluded from the 'greet'.. How would you feel? Alas, what I could do is just to look at my empty shirt pocket and wiggle my finger inside my trouser's pocket.... thinking when would this dilemma ends?

3. Having a wonderful job with comfortable pay, makes me feel wonderful and at ease. But that is also main factor that contributes solely to my big 'L' (laziness) syndrome. I really hope some physical challenge comes soon so that I will be refreshed and on going.

that should be it. what say you?

23 July 2007


There are times when fewer words have significantly more power than many.
This was certainly the case for one philosophy student who sat in an examination room with his fellow student.
The question on the paper in front of them was 'WHAT IS A RISK?'
While the rest of the students chewed their pencils, furrowed their brows and scribbled furiously, he calmly wrote his answer, stood up and walked out.
The curious adjudicator came to collect his paper.
On it, was his two-word answer.

27 June 2007


  • After rounds of arbitrary thinking, I finally settled with an article by Brian Yap, which originally published through one of our local newspaper.
  • The article was never to be found anywhere then , if you are always rigid to yourself, morbid to your opinion or having an intact and emasculated flicker of interests. If so, then forget about reading what this post is about.
  • According to the article, you will always know what you believe plus even having a list for your favourite things, for instance, 'undeflowered' attached to Korean Dramas or Akademi Fantasia.
  • Now imagine, if I said I am telling you that what you are believing not only shows lack of intellectual capacity, but also simply poor taste? Certainly, you would jumped on to me and with fume and rage. How dare someone ridicule that something I love? How dare someone else insult the way I view the world?
  • With regards to that, Brian also told its reader that, even as difficult as it is for all of us and despite all views of those who stand on the opposite spectrum of what they read or let alone, lived in, we should choose to endure.
  • In addition to that, because of we are capping ourselves with mainstream way of thinking, which resulting to, too little contact with opposing views and alternative voices these days. Take these for examples, religious conservatives, racial supremacists, Neo-conservatives, orthodox and the list would goes on and on. Then you should be catching my drift.
  • Later on, I realise that we need to know the views and arguments of others to be certain of our own.
  • At end, To quote the article:

To be secure and confident of how we view the world, we all need to have our
beliefs challenged, our philosophies debated and our convictions questioned. The alternative would be like that emperor. You know, the one with no clothes

  • At ease soldier!

6 June 2007


Quoting : http://www.pmo.gov.my

Tarikh/Date : 06/06/2007


Pejabat Perdana Menteri


Dengan sukacitanya dimaklumkan bahawa YAB Perdana Menteri Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi akan melangsungkan majlis akad nikah dengan Jeanne Abdullah pada hari Sabtu 9 Jun 2007 bersamaan dengan 23 Jamadilawwal 1428 Hijrah.
Jeanne Abdullah dilahirkan di Kuala Lumpur pada 29 Julai 1953 dan merupakan anak sulung daripada empat orang adik-beradik. Beliau menerima pendidikan di Sekolah Menengah Assunta dan mempunyai pengalaman yang luas dalam bidang pentadbiran dan penghotelan setelah terlibat dalam pengurusan beberapa hotel terkemuka di Malaysia, termasuk Hotel Hilton Kuala Lumpur dan Hotel Pan Pacific. Jeanne juga pernah bertugas sebagai Pengelola kediaman rasmi Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Pengurus Kompleks Seri Perdana.
Jeanne mempunyai dua orang anak, Nadiah dan Nadene.
Majlis berkenaan akan diadakan di Seri Perdana dan akan dihadiri oleh keluarga terdekat sahaja. "
Heartiest Congratulations to Y.A.B. Prime Minister for the wedding.. my your love for your newly wedded wife and all Malaysian be blessed by Allah forever....

4 June 2007


  • This is going to be a very short entry for the day.
  • Instinctively, I feel like leaving my house to office at 7 am. That was very early (for my typical routine) and I was thinking, maybe I could have a 'feel the ground' session before I start my job and to proceed through it without any problem.

  • But, on my way to office, I was bombarded with crappy and nonsensical ideas that imminently generated from an opposite gender of mine. Full stop. I do not want to venture further upon said ideas and later, ends up as a male chauvinist. Therefore, let it be.
  • I wonder what kind of catastrophe should I face more? Therefore, I am not going to react or make rash decision to that, without having myself 'sober' and full with food.
  • This is the most ambiguous entry EVER posted at this blog. To cite what I am thinking at the moment, these keywords should help and later would facilitate me to decide later. Separation, Number Two, fallen trees, money, far-away or far-fetched, fickle minded, bored, baby, car, moving out, moving on, alone, better and lastly, K800i. That should do it.
  • Until next time....

p/s: the pictures post are a memento of former Sec. Gen of MITI.

1 June 2007


  • Everybody have at least one way on how to lead their life. This particular paths, usually adapted and conviniently dapple the community canvases. In a typical normal day, these spots or vivid mottled markings, are usually hidden and are unseen to normal discerns. Thefore, ordinary 'workadays' do not pester our conventionally thinking mind.
  • In contra to that, I am very much attracted to `human' abnormalities. Their irrational thinking and feat is a most sensational material to me. I would be at my best liberty to 'dig' or 'scoop' upon these undertakings. Personally, I believe that it is so friggin interesting to find out why they did act as such?
  • Point number one. The new re-organization had been in operation since early of this year. It was greatful moment to the ministry for the authority had approved new additional posts, new sections and divisions altogether . The approval is a definite bless. It also means, there are bigger chunk of opportunities opened especially for those eligible personnel to be promoted. Therefore, new posts to be filled in soon with (again) any "eligible" and "capable" persons.
  • Point number two. In subsequent to that, the current human capital is yet enough to fill in all the new posts. Which means, Human Resource Department to request new 'bloods' to automate the structures. So they did..
  • Point number three. I do not know what had happened then until one day I did saw a 'MIDGET' (figuratively speaking and no offence whatsoever to all nice little people), with a corny looking 'MOUSTACHE', silly looking (red-in-color) hair, and to date, probably the cockiest snob-looking fellow, standing at the front door of my main entrance of the building. (Oh, the shirt was red in color, with yellow polka dot necktie.. the shoe? Worst, it has a tiger stripe with it..?)
  • Then my first impression towards him that this 'nutter' might be, with a private firm or some layman having a business with my working place. I swore to myself so that I am not going to be working with that 'odd wit'. So, be it. But, after sometime.. I was totally wrong. This 'idiosyncracies' is one of those who are 'dumped' here to fill in to the newly created posts.. and the domino effect quickly transcended beneath my skins.. I then grew weary and begining to disgust at this guy's guts. Not only because of his puerile looks, but you will definitely are going not to disagree more with me as I venture further.
  • This 'nitwit' was firstly posted at Min. of Foreign Affair and later on to Min. of Internal Affair. I had learned that in between the frames, this silly had thousands of attitude problems. Quoted and unquoted, finally he is 'abdicated' to my place. (Please bear in mind that, this does not means that my min. is dumping place for those 'weirdos', it is just a "misfortune")
  • And today, I had a full-proof that this "beefcake" is going to be a troublesome... Following is the email that was sent to him to one of the directors to show his dissatisfactions:

"*note: the red-in-color statements is what i will say to his FACE...if i were to receive this kind of email."

Subject: Permohonan Tempat Letak Kereta (Request of Parking Lots)

Saudara, <----(you do not adress any of your higher ranking officer as this, Sassypant!!!!)

I refer to your Minute today (Ref. No. ) on the above:

2. I would like to acquire the following:

2.1 On para 2(i), it was informed that officers were allocated several parking lots. I was informed that the other lots were made available to other staffs. In your minute, you informed me that all 200 were allocated for officers only. Please clearly define the statement of "Officers. <---you do not 'INSTRUCT' your higher ranking officer to "Clearly Define" anything to you, imprudent prune!!"

2.2 On para 2(ii), you gave me information on the current status of officers in this Ministry, which was approved by (authority) in the new restructuring of (ministry). This is irrelevant information to me. <-- Who are You to question, you imbecile!!

2.3 On para 2(iii), you wrote that only senior officers will be given parking lots. What about senior officers that are transferred from other Ministries? Are they not considered "Senior" as well? Also, I noticed that not only senior officers are given parking lots, the new officers from recent intakes were given. Can you clarify and define "Senior"? <--- again.. you do not 'INSTRUCT' your higher officer to 'DEFINE' things to you puny brat!!

2.4 On para 2(iv), it was noted that officers of senior rank are given temporary parking lots and approval given for limited time. If that is so, then why the fuss of asking new officers of their license and registration documents when they report duty to this (ministry)? Why not wait until there are available car parks and then ask for their personal documents? <-- previously in your working deparment.. EVERYBODY know that not even a parking availble specifically for officer.. it was a first come first serve basis... be greatful pls alien!

3. I hope that you can give me the necessary explaination on the above queries. Furthermore, please do return my copies of license and registration documents, since your unit has considered not to give us parking lots due to "insufficient" park lots. <--- you are one spoil brat trust me.. the only thing that deserve you the most is a kick in your piehole!!

Thank you.

  • Justified?? You make the call..
  • Therefore, I am so ashamed of myself to havethis kind of a fellow to be under the same umbrella....

That is all for now..

14 February 2007

Language and Culture

Hi again.. its been a while since i dont blog.. lots of chores, grind and gripe to grip on... and i do not have an exact amount of time to spend for blogging.. it is my time organization really.. can not say that it is bad.. but 'pre-occupied'... (ah.. who cares!)
lotsa things had happen between the moment.... but later to that...
today.. i would like to share an article which is composed by a colleague of mine... a brilliant article really.. it is about how the perception templates which borned together with us... but then again.. I will tell about perception later....
To begin with, frankly speaking, I am not a linguistic. So, dialectology, morphology, syntax, phonology do not really echoed within the context of my mind... A friend of mine (a lingustic 'basically'), informed me that some westerners are putting a lot of efforts to study our language..
According to him they are researching the dialect from the perspective of :
1) speech acts (from the manner of context and social viability)
2) Usage itself (as well as other inflections - prefix, affix and suffix)
3) Idiolect (dialect map) -- ie Pasir Mas dialect (Pasir Mas is one of the district in Kelantan)
4) Nasalization of vowels (from the vowel sound produced at dialects, or phonology)
5) Issues aroused from sociolinguistic -- (social status, demography, gender influence, uniqueness of the dialect in community, linguistic convergence/divergence)
6) reduplication (morphology of language and so on)
7) Language acquisition...
and the list would go on..
(special thanks dedicated to Mohd Husni Ab. Aziz, Putrajaya for explaining this)...
there u go.. gone cross eyed already?... pardon me... let me illustrate that with terms which I would also consider as bearable...
I am a Kelantanese (one of the states, located at the east penisular of Malaysia). a typical orthodoxies to be exact! Meaning. I talk with dialect. A very thick dialect. Sometime the other Kelantanese would need specific thesaurus be installed inside their mind just to avoid misinterprete what I am trying to say... *tsk*
Consider the following elaboration..

'Mujo' or 'mujur'(pronounce as (Moo-jow) in Standard Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language) means "fortunate" or "lucky". In Terengganu, it means more than that. Mujo is an attitude, a testament to the optimism of the Terengganu* folks.
(Terengganu is another state located at south east side of Kelantan.. the dialect is almost the same... a major difference is that the Terengganunese tends to put a lot of +ng at end of any word that last with the letter n. ie: (fish) Ikan - Ikang (pronounce 'ee-kang')
I believe that Terengganunese are optimistic. I haven't heard of any suicides there yet. No news whatsoever of people jumping down from coconut trees or drinking expired budu (preserved anchovy thick sauce) neat in order to expire themselves. You must remember that Terengganu people once lived with ferries, morning papers that came in the night and other things people in the West Coast take for granted. In spite of doing without 4D shops, discos, malls or Hot Spot-enabled coffee houses, they are surviving well without any mental hospital in sight. All because they have mujo. Like I mentioned previously, mujo encapsulate a philosophy in itself. It means one should thank God that it is not worse. Time for an illustration.
(Cut to a scene of 3 village ladies
in their kemban washing clothes by the village well)
Mok Long
Selamoh: "Guane doh adik mung Mek? (How is your brother Mek?)
Mok Teh Som: Bakpe pulok adik die? (What happened to her brother?)
Mok Long
Selamoh: Laaa! Mung dok tau ke Som? (You don't know Som?)
Mok Teh Som: Dok tau setarang kita.
(I don't know anything)
Mok Long
Selamoh: Adik Mek ni kena langgor lori kemareng. (Mek's brother was knocked down
by a lorry yesterday)
Mek Beso: Bukang
lori Mok Long, beng ikang! (It wasn't a lorry Mok Long, it was a fish
Mok Long
Selamoh: Mujo bukang lori! (Lucky it wasn't a lorry)
Mok Teh Som: Pah tu? Terok ke?
(Then? Was he seriously injured?)
Mek Beso: Kaki
patoh sebeloh...... (One leg was broken)
Mok Teh Som: Mujo dok patoh due due
(Lucky both legs weren't broken)
Mok Long Selamoh: Tu
pong mujo dreba beng dang brek. (It was lucky that the van driver braked in
Mek Beso: Mujo
beng tu dok laju.. (Lucky the van wasn't going fast..)
If both legs were broken, the response would be "Mujo dok pecoh pala". (Lucky the head wasn't broken) If the head WAS broken, the response would be "Mujo dok mati". (Lucky he didn't die) If the worst happened and the brother died, the mujo would still surface. "Mujo lah bukang adik kita". (Lucky it wasn't my brother) You get the drift..... Mujo. A nice word. Adopt it. Embrace it. It will preserve your sanity.
special thanks dedicated to Ahmed Syam Che Kub, Pusat Bandar Damansara, a Kelantan (Totok-java word for "orthodoxies") for sharing the article......
Do you get what I mean???