22 February 2008

Of Friendstripper...

Forgive the typo. The erroneous is intentional. I am not trying to be a pervert or promote obscenity. I am talking about friendster. Firstly, I want to apologize, if any of you respectful readers are one of its users. If so, I hope you will not read or scroll further, because my next arguments are inflammatory.

Friendster is a site created by people who believe in connecting and having fun with the virtual life at the same time. (I do not bother to look for whom.. ). Currently, there are over 1 million users (or more.. again I do not bother) in which had dedicated their daily routine vividly to friendster. Users update their lifestyle, keep it as an online diary or journal, put their favorite photos and some are going to the extent of having an online pets. (or don't they?).

So, at the moment, I would consider the acceptance is astronomical. The number of users are rapidly growing in seconds. This also means that friendster is no longer a mere fag. It has been a must for every virtual citizen. Nevertheless, it is boundless, borderless and free-of-charge.

But, enough of the acceptance. I shall say that I am not one of the friendster users. Although, I do have a friendster account before, but I stopped using just a few years ago.

Why did I stop? I was young once. At that moment, I was dangling with my youth and sometimes gone frisky . Friendster was a site for me to search for new friends. Ok, that is so busted! Yes, I was looking for 'girlfriends'. But the search did not take me nowhere. Then, I was getting fed up and taken aback. So, I was not going for friendster anymore just because my initial intention was incorrect. It was a remorse and I stopped logging in to friendster.

Logging in to friendster also had exposed me to the virtual world of liars and imperfectness. Trough the experience, I found that, only 2 out of 10 are true about its users. Which means I am so expose to 80% of lies. That is so unacceptable. SO be it! Leave it be, am I no longer a fan. I am not going to rectify or make things straight. It is already there and I shall move on.

In the latest event, I was asked by one of my chatter friends about having the friendster account. I quickly replied "NO, I hate 'Friendstripper'!" I am saying that, "I do not want to stripped further by an 'equivocator' " (too strong aye?). Then she said to me that I am a loser. So what? Do I care? Never mind that. Then we moved on.

But that does not mean I am against the globalism. I cannot afford to do that. I must adapt or I will be left behind. Instead of having a crave for friendster, I logged in to facebook instead. They are so nice. They have all of this applications which is so addictive. This is the latest craze. In fact I have listed it down as my Top 5 websites I visits everyday. Currently, I have almost 30 friends and its growing.

I hope this will last and all my craps goes there.. and my hopes for the facebook will not turn to a 'friendstripper' as well.. (or did they already met that?).

Add me at my facebook. (MOHD DIAN NAIS Lah)..
C u there.

21 February 2008

Medsyam's Tag

I have been tagged.

Usually, I do not do this because I had never been tagged before. But, Medsyam had challenged me to scrawl some "merepek" (crappy stuffs) here. So, here Goes:

5 WebSites that I Always Visited:

1) www.facebook.com.

- to me, I take it as a real Live "Role Playing Game". The Main character is me and I connect with new people there. Plus, the application are addictive too.. Try it yourself..take sometime to understand how it works and you will be in my boots too..

2) www.ptdportal.com/forum

- this is where I belong. I am too obsess with this. It provides me the information latest events of the PTD world as well as my career stood.. I crave for this and my posts there almost reach at 7,000 posts.

3) www.dikirbarat.net/forum

- this is my latest craze. I must log in to find out about the latest development of "dikir barat" perfomance. The forum does not confine to "dikir barat" only, but also all the stuffs about Kelantan's cultural items including, "Gasing" (Tops and spins), "Silat" (Malay Martial Arts), "Wayang Kulit" (Shadow Puppets) and etc.

- registration is free and there will be updates about perfomances all around Klang Valley.. and some of them I will perform myself.. as a singer... :D

4) www.tradesignum.com

- Free Charting Tools for Bursa Malaysia Fans.. no need to explain further because it is too dry..

5) imageshack.us

- Free hosting site for pictures...


Well, Medcham.. thanks to you.. it really does sounds crappy...


I want to tag

1) Nazs (Ex-Classmate and mummy to be soon)

2) Chech

3) faruq

4) Lola

5) K-Lynn