27 June 2007


  • After rounds of arbitrary thinking, I finally settled with an article by Brian Yap, which originally published through one of our local newspaper.
  • The article was never to be found anywhere then , if you are always rigid to yourself, morbid to your opinion or having an intact and emasculated flicker of interests. If so, then forget about reading what this post is about.
  • According to the article, you will always know what you believe plus even having a list for your favourite things, for instance, 'undeflowered' attached to Korean Dramas or Akademi Fantasia.
  • Now imagine, if I said I am telling you that what you are believing not only shows lack of intellectual capacity, but also simply poor taste? Certainly, you would jumped on to me and with fume and rage. How dare someone ridicule that something I love? How dare someone else insult the way I view the world?
  • With regards to that, Brian also told its reader that, even as difficult as it is for all of us and despite all views of those who stand on the opposite spectrum of what they read or let alone, lived in, we should choose to endure.
  • In addition to that, because of we are capping ourselves with mainstream way of thinking, which resulting to, too little contact with opposing views and alternative voices these days. Take these for examples, religious conservatives, racial supremacists, Neo-conservatives, orthodox and the list would goes on and on. Then you should be catching my drift.
  • Later on, I realise that we need to know the views and arguments of others to be certain of our own.
  • At end, To quote the article:

To be secure and confident of how we view the world, we all need to have our
beliefs challenged, our philosophies debated and our convictions questioned. The alternative would be like that emperor. You know, the one with no clothes

  • At ease soldier!

6 June 2007


Quoting : http://www.pmo.gov.my

Tarikh/Date : 06/06/2007


Pejabat Perdana Menteri


Dengan sukacitanya dimaklumkan bahawa YAB Perdana Menteri Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi akan melangsungkan majlis akad nikah dengan Jeanne Abdullah pada hari Sabtu 9 Jun 2007 bersamaan dengan 23 Jamadilawwal 1428 Hijrah.
Jeanne Abdullah dilahirkan di Kuala Lumpur pada 29 Julai 1953 dan merupakan anak sulung daripada empat orang adik-beradik. Beliau menerima pendidikan di Sekolah Menengah Assunta dan mempunyai pengalaman yang luas dalam bidang pentadbiran dan penghotelan setelah terlibat dalam pengurusan beberapa hotel terkemuka di Malaysia, termasuk Hotel Hilton Kuala Lumpur dan Hotel Pan Pacific. Jeanne juga pernah bertugas sebagai Pengelola kediaman rasmi Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Pengurus Kompleks Seri Perdana.
Jeanne mempunyai dua orang anak, Nadiah dan Nadene.
Majlis berkenaan akan diadakan di Seri Perdana dan akan dihadiri oleh keluarga terdekat sahaja. "
Heartiest Congratulations to Y.A.B. Prime Minister for the wedding.. my your love for your newly wedded wife and all Malaysian be blessed by Allah forever....

4 June 2007


  • This is going to be a very short entry for the day.
  • Instinctively, I feel like leaving my house to office at 7 am. That was very early (for my typical routine) and I was thinking, maybe I could have a 'feel the ground' session before I start my job and to proceed through it without any problem.

  • But, on my way to office, I was bombarded with crappy and nonsensical ideas that imminently generated from an opposite gender of mine. Full stop. I do not want to venture further upon said ideas and later, ends up as a male chauvinist. Therefore, let it be.
  • I wonder what kind of catastrophe should I face more? Therefore, I am not going to react or make rash decision to that, without having myself 'sober' and full with food.
  • This is the most ambiguous entry EVER posted at this blog. To cite what I am thinking at the moment, these keywords should help and later would facilitate me to decide later. Separation, Number Two, fallen trees, money, far-away or far-fetched, fickle minded, bored, baby, car, moving out, moving on, alone, better and lastly, K800i. That should do it.
  • Until next time....

p/s: the pictures post are a memento of former Sec. Gen of MITI.

1 June 2007


  • Everybody have at least one way on how to lead their life. This particular paths, usually adapted and conviniently dapple the community canvases. In a typical normal day, these spots or vivid mottled markings, are usually hidden and are unseen to normal discerns. Thefore, ordinary 'workadays' do not pester our conventionally thinking mind.
  • In contra to that, I am very much attracted to `human' abnormalities. Their irrational thinking and feat is a most sensational material to me. I would be at my best liberty to 'dig' or 'scoop' upon these undertakings. Personally, I believe that it is so friggin interesting to find out why they did act as such?
  • Point number one. The new re-organization had been in operation since early of this year. It was greatful moment to the ministry for the authority had approved new additional posts, new sections and divisions altogether . The approval is a definite bless. It also means, there are bigger chunk of opportunities opened especially for those eligible personnel to be promoted. Therefore, new posts to be filled in soon with (again) any "eligible" and "capable" persons.
  • Point number two. In subsequent to that, the current human capital is yet enough to fill in all the new posts. Which means, Human Resource Department to request new 'bloods' to automate the structures. So they did..
  • Point number three. I do not know what had happened then until one day I did saw a 'MIDGET' (figuratively speaking and no offence whatsoever to all nice little people), with a corny looking 'MOUSTACHE', silly looking (red-in-color) hair, and to date, probably the cockiest snob-looking fellow, standing at the front door of my main entrance of the building. (Oh, the shirt was red in color, with yellow polka dot necktie.. the shoe? Worst, it has a tiger stripe with it..?)
  • Then my first impression towards him that this 'nutter' might be, with a private firm or some layman having a business with my working place. I swore to myself so that I am not going to be working with that 'odd wit'. So, be it. But, after sometime.. I was totally wrong. This 'idiosyncracies' is one of those who are 'dumped' here to fill in to the newly created posts.. and the domino effect quickly transcended beneath my skins.. I then grew weary and begining to disgust at this guy's guts. Not only because of his puerile looks, but you will definitely are going not to disagree more with me as I venture further.
  • This 'nitwit' was firstly posted at Min. of Foreign Affair and later on to Min. of Internal Affair. I had learned that in between the frames, this silly had thousands of attitude problems. Quoted and unquoted, finally he is 'abdicated' to my place. (Please bear in mind that, this does not means that my min. is dumping place for those 'weirdos', it is just a "misfortune")
  • And today, I had a full-proof that this "beefcake" is going to be a troublesome... Following is the email that was sent to him to one of the directors to show his dissatisfactions:

"*note: the red-in-color statements is what i will say to his FACE...if i were to receive this kind of email."

Subject: Permohonan Tempat Letak Kereta (Request of Parking Lots)

Saudara, <----(you do not adress any of your higher ranking officer as this, Sassypant!!!!)

I refer to your Minute today (Ref. No. ) on the above:

2. I would like to acquire the following:

2.1 On para 2(i), it was informed that officers were allocated several parking lots. I was informed that the other lots were made available to other staffs. In your minute, you informed me that all 200 were allocated for officers only. Please clearly define the statement of "Officers. <---you do not 'INSTRUCT' your higher ranking officer to "Clearly Define" anything to you, imprudent prune!!"

2.2 On para 2(ii), you gave me information on the current status of officers in this Ministry, which was approved by (authority) in the new restructuring of (ministry). This is irrelevant information to me. <-- Who are You to question, you imbecile!!

2.3 On para 2(iii), you wrote that only senior officers will be given parking lots. What about senior officers that are transferred from other Ministries? Are they not considered "Senior" as well? Also, I noticed that not only senior officers are given parking lots, the new officers from recent intakes were given. Can you clarify and define "Senior"? <--- again.. you do not 'INSTRUCT' your higher officer to 'DEFINE' things to you puny brat!!

2.4 On para 2(iv), it was noted that officers of senior rank are given temporary parking lots and approval given for limited time. If that is so, then why the fuss of asking new officers of their license and registration documents when they report duty to this (ministry)? Why not wait until there are available car parks and then ask for their personal documents? <-- previously in your working deparment.. EVERYBODY know that not even a parking availble specifically for officer.. it was a first come first serve basis... be greatful pls alien!

3. I hope that you can give me the necessary explaination on the above queries. Furthermore, please do return my copies of license and registration documents, since your unit has considered not to give us parking lots due to "insufficient" park lots. <--- you are one spoil brat trust me.. the only thing that deserve you the most is a kick in your piehole!!

Thank you.

  • Justified?? You make the call..
  • Therefore, I am so ashamed of myself to havethis kind of a fellow to be under the same umbrella....

That is all for now..