1 June 2007


  • Everybody have at least one way on how to lead their life. This particular paths, usually adapted and conviniently dapple the community canvases. In a typical normal day, these spots or vivid mottled markings, are usually hidden and are unseen to normal discerns. Thefore, ordinary 'workadays' do not pester our conventionally thinking mind.
  • In contra to that, I am very much attracted to `human' abnormalities. Their irrational thinking and feat is a most sensational material to me. I would be at my best liberty to 'dig' or 'scoop' upon these undertakings. Personally, I believe that it is so friggin interesting to find out why they did act as such?
  • Point number one. The new re-organization had been in operation since early of this year. It was greatful moment to the ministry for the authority had approved new additional posts, new sections and divisions altogether . The approval is a definite bless. It also means, there are bigger chunk of opportunities opened especially for those eligible personnel to be promoted. Therefore, new posts to be filled in soon with (again) any "eligible" and "capable" persons.
  • Point number two. In subsequent to that, the current human capital is yet enough to fill in all the new posts. Which means, Human Resource Department to request new 'bloods' to automate the structures. So they did..
  • Point number three. I do not know what had happened then until one day I did saw a 'MIDGET' (figuratively speaking and no offence whatsoever to all nice little people), with a corny looking 'MOUSTACHE', silly looking (red-in-color) hair, and to date, probably the cockiest snob-looking fellow, standing at the front door of my main entrance of the building. (Oh, the shirt was red in color, with yellow polka dot necktie.. the shoe? Worst, it has a tiger stripe with it..?)
  • Then my first impression towards him that this 'nutter' might be, with a private firm or some layman having a business with my working place. I swore to myself so that I am not going to be working with that 'odd wit'. So, be it. But, after sometime.. I was totally wrong. This 'idiosyncracies' is one of those who are 'dumped' here to fill in to the newly created posts.. and the domino effect quickly transcended beneath my skins.. I then grew weary and begining to disgust at this guy's guts. Not only because of his puerile looks, but you will definitely are going not to disagree more with me as I venture further.
  • This 'nitwit' was firstly posted at Min. of Foreign Affair and later on to Min. of Internal Affair. I had learned that in between the frames, this silly had thousands of attitude problems. Quoted and unquoted, finally he is 'abdicated' to my place. (Please bear in mind that, this does not means that my min. is dumping place for those 'weirdos', it is just a "misfortune")
  • And today, I had a full-proof that this "beefcake" is going to be a troublesome... Following is the email that was sent to him to one of the directors to show his dissatisfactions:

"*note: the red-in-color statements is what i will say to his FACE...if i were to receive this kind of email."

Subject: Permohonan Tempat Letak Kereta (Request of Parking Lots)

Saudara, <----(you do not adress any of your higher ranking officer as this, Sassypant!!!!)

I refer to your Minute today (Ref. No. ) on the above:

2. I would like to acquire the following:

2.1 On para 2(i), it was informed that officers were allocated several parking lots. I was informed that the other lots were made available to other staffs. In your minute, you informed me that all 200 were allocated for officers only. Please clearly define the statement of "Officers. <---you do not 'INSTRUCT' your higher ranking officer to "Clearly Define" anything to you, imprudent prune!!"

2.2 On para 2(ii), you gave me information on the current status of officers in this Ministry, which was approved by (authority) in the new restructuring of (ministry). This is irrelevant information to me. <-- Who are You to question, you imbecile!!

2.3 On para 2(iii), you wrote that only senior officers will be given parking lots. What about senior officers that are transferred from other Ministries? Are they not considered "Senior" as well? Also, I noticed that not only senior officers are given parking lots, the new officers from recent intakes were given. Can you clarify and define "Senior"? <--- again.. you do not 'INSTRUCT' your higher officer to 'DEFINE' things to you puny brat!!

2.4 On para 2(iv), it was noted that officers of senior rank are given temporary parking lots and approval given for limited time. If that is so, then why the fuss of asking new officers of their license and registration documents when they report duty to this (ministry)? Why not wait until there are available car parks and then ask for their personal documents? <-- previously in your working deparment.. EVERYBODY know that not even a parking availble specifically for officer.. it was a first come first serve basis... be greatful pls alien!

3. I hope that you can give me the necessary explaination on the above queries. Furthermore, please do return my copies of license and registration documents, since your unit has considered not to give us parking lots due to "insufficient" park lots. <--- you are one spoil brat trust me.. the only thing that deserve you the most is a kick in your piehole!!

Thank you.

  • Justified?? You make the call..
  • Therefore, I am so ashamed of myself to havethis kind of a fellow to be under the same umbrella....

That is all for now..


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cemilion said...

dah ble dah..

Anonymous said...

ok..understoood. read it. the legend from oren's place.

Anonymous said...

he's nuts

Anonymous said...

Saudara Dian,

Thank you for publicizing the internal email to the public. Nice thing a PTD officer should be doing this and it clearly shows the level of your thinking and integrity. Not forget to mention your inexperience on this kind of thing. By the way, instead of publicizing it, why not make it to the media? Definitely its what the crowd wants... more blood in the public service.

Salam Hormat.

Anonymous said...

Dian,it has always been a pleasure reading your blog.however,i have to agree with the previous commentator that erm... you sort of made it public.I don't mean to be on anybody's side but after going thru PTD unggul course,i realised the restrictions imposed on us.better keep it between the four walls of your office k.No hard feelings I hope.I understand the stress you go through.When you're down you can always turn to anyone of us in the brotherhood circle.All the best with your job.

Happy to finally serve alongside fellow comrades like you and the rest.~Kitty~

mmuazam1 said...

ala bro..pedulik la apa orang...ini blog ko...ko punya suka la ko nak publish aper!...Siapa makan cili....lu pegi cari air lah....so siapa suh lu makan cili?

cemilion said...

dear "the person who Bounces back"..

It is more of a pain to bear for me to post it rather than what he had done it earlier in the first place. To begin with, this chapter would have never been in place, if the mind set is not to alter the "mainstream" of humility. I hope he gets what I am trying say.

cemilion said...
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Anonymous said...

Untuk "the person who bounces back" atau nama sebenar MOHD HAFIZZUDDIN MD DAMIRI.....

Rasa terpanggil untuk memberi sepatah, e'eh bukan sepatah tetapi berpatah-patah perkataan.

Malu bertanya sesat jalan. Betul apa yang anda katakan dan itulah yang yang berlaku pada anda. Bukan malu, tetapi terlalu gah untuk bertanya.Bak kata orang -orang tua, "masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang lembu menguak" tapi anda seorang manusia yang berakal. Kalau nak masuk rumah orang pun, kita mengucapkan salam dan kenal mengenal cara yang budaya tempat baru.Tapi, kalau anda terasa nak jadi kambing atau lembu, silakanlah....bak kata "Aiman tak kisah".

Semuanya bermula dengan memo anda kepada, saya rasa seorang Pengarah, yang sudah tentunya pangkatnya lebih "senior" dari anda. Bukan tak boleh dengan memanggil dengan panggilan "Saudara". Boleh, tapi jelas sekali anda tak tau nak berbudi bahasa. Kalau memanggil dengan "Tuan" lebih elok bunyinya daripada "Saudara". Memandangkan email anda dalam BI, lebih eloklah gunakan "Sir" Lainlah kalau tahap kecerdikan anda di dalam penggunaan BI rendah atau lebih tepat, lembab, maka mungkin bolehlah dimaafkan.Sekiranya meminta sesuatu dengan menggunakan ayat yang elok dan berbudi bahasa, mungkin permintaan itu cepat dipenuhi.Saya rasa tentunya anda sudah pun beristeri. Bayangkan jika kita meminta sesuatu dari isteri kita, kita meminta dengan lemah lembut, berbudi bahasa agar permintaan kita dipenuhi.Analoginya tetap sama apatah lagi kita meminta seorang Pengarah untuk mempertimbangkan permintaan kita, yang mana pangkatnya lebih tinggi, mungkin m52 atau m54.Anda pula m44 mungkin atau memangku m44/m48?. Layakkah anda untuk menghantar emel sebegitu rupa?kepada seorang Pengarah, dan juga yang "super senior" dari anda?.

Di dalam salinan emel anda, kelihatan anda terlalu gah dengan "senior". Saya kaitkan dengan perenggan di atas dan ingin bertanya kepada anda, di antara Pengarah berkenaan dan anda, siapakah lagi senior?. Layakkah anda berkata anda seorang senior jika perbandingan seperti itu pun anda tidak dapat merungkaikannya?tetapi di dalam emel anda juga, anda juga ada menyebut "new officer" di mana anda tergolong di dalamnya.Jikalau anda merasakan anda "new officer" di MITI itu, maka buatlah cara seperti orang baru. Saya tahu, mungkin pengalaman anda di dalam perkhidmatan terlalu banyak dan luas tetapi tak perlulah menunjukkan lagak secara berlebihan. Itu membuatkan ramai orang meluat.Tapi mungkin anda berfikir "aku peduli apa dengan pandangan orang lain, aku tahu dan percaya apa yang aku buat betul".Begitu juga persoalan megapa pegawai ambilan baru diberikan parking sebelum anda. Nampaknya anda tidak dapat mencari jawapannya di dalam emel tersebut. Mungkin saya boleh membantu. Pegawai ambilan baru tersebut sememangnya telah ditugaskan di MITI dan anda pula "pegawai so called senior" yang mungkin ditukarkan(atau dicampakkan) ke MITI. Maka, buatlah pertimbangan sendiri sebagai orang baru di MITI tu.
Tentang mengapa pihak pentadbiran meminta salinan dokumen lesen memandu dan pendaftaran kereta itu adalah untuk tujuan dokumentasi. Mengapakah anda tidak dapat mentafsirkan permintaan pihak pentadbiran itu di mana ianya akan memudahkan permintaan anda. Anda menggelarkan anda seorang "senior" namun perkara semudah itu pun anda tidak dapat memahaminya.

Berkenaan komen terbaru anda, izinkan saya menukar cara penyampaian saya.

Nape lu kecoh sangat pendek? Pendek, lu dah lama sangat ker dalam service?Kalau setakat setahun dua lebih dari so called "new age" PTD bak lu kata tu, tok sahlah lu nak berlagak sangat. Siapa yang hardheaded lebih ni?Lu ker batch bawah lu?Senior kunun. bak lu kata,"So, what is your own opinion, just keep it to yourself". So kalau lu rasa PTD "new age" ni kepala keras, lu diam-diam udah ler. Sama kan?

Lu nak bangga dengan batch 2004?Lu banggalah, pedulik apa. Lu kata "But the truth of it, the "man" will know best... so if you wanna kick someone, better kick yourself (because you hear from the cow's mouth) and others who spread the "news"..so kalau lu dah tau apa yang best, dok diam-diamlah. kalau lu leh kata gitu, apa kata lu sepak diri lu dulu?atau nak ditolong sepak?Tapi lu ni dr dolittle ke?leh dengar lembu bercakap?atau lu lembu?

Being senior?..kalau wa dapat senior cam lu pun malulah. kalau lu nak baik dengan that "fella" ker..kristal rockafella ker, takdelah rasa menyusahkan kitorang pun..itu lu nyer cerita...pedulik apa.

Kalau "fella" tu jadi bos pun, kita berpegang pada "saya yang menurut perintah". Tapi kalau lu jadi bos?...maka Hang Jebat berpencak silatlah.

Moral of the story: yang lu nak kecoh sangat ni naper pendek?Lu ingat lu sapa?

Saya rasa cukuplah komen saya untuk anda. Sekiranya mana yang baik jadikanlah panduan bersama. Mana yang membuat anda terasa dan berfikir kembali, Alhamdulillah. Tetapi kalau anda terasa senority anda lebih tinggi dan berhak untuk mengabaikan apa jua komen dari saya, tidak dapatlah saya berbuat apa selain berkata, "Do i give a shit?No. So, pack yourself and get the f**k off."

Sekian, terima kasih

cemilion said...

chill out bro..
aint making things nicer..
nevermind.. i shall take notes of what you re saying..

"to the person who bounces back"
if so. pls be open minded. President US also hade been mocked all these days. If that is so darn seniority you re talking bout. cmon..

Anonymous said...

blah la pendek.. kecow je lebih. nama je pegawai senior tapi otak penuh taik. kalau ko rasa batch 2004 tu bagus, ye aku ngaku mmg diorang sangat bagus... KECUALI ko, Pendek.

eh Pendek, gi mampos la ko. nasib baik Dian yg tulis kat sini. kalau aku, dah pecah muka ko aku tubi.

cemilion said...

Forgive my intrusion again..
but there will be an episode 2 of this. Stay tune.. will definitely link it here and there..

Promise to be better and with lesser grammatical error.. after all.. we are not as good as ..you know who.. <_<..

cemilion said...

the person who bounces back... again has left a new comment on the post "OF ATTITUDE....":

Well, basically...

1. The so-called "new-age" PTDs are more hardheaded (this includes you and those after 2004 batches). They think with their "small head" rather getting the big picture. So, what is your own opinion, just keep it to yourself

2. The 2004 batches I know of are really good (despite what you hear about them). Most that I know (including yours truly) are good workers, open minded and easy to deal with (yes, that includes yours truly). Eventhough most stories revolve around "that" specific guy, did you ever hear it from his mouth what really happened? People love adding "spices" to stories, making it exorbitantly interesting. But the truth of it, the "man" will know best... so if you wanna kick someone, better kick yourself (because you hear from the cow's mouth) and others who spread the "news"

3. Being your senior, it really makes me wonder what if that situation "bestowed" upon you? I know this "fella" but with me and my colleagues, he's okay and fine by me. Maybe you should get your facts straight, since the "writings" were meant in a good way. Kalau I tak dapat parking space pun, I melenting... melenting kaw-kaw punya...

Banyak lagi that I can comment, but you guys have to get your facts right. Cuba tanya that "fella" yang you all kutuk-kutuk. Bukan apa, korang buat dosa, dia dapat pahala free je. Just ask... bak kata orang-orang tua (jangan ingat aku ni tua sangat): "Malu bertanya, sesat jalan". Who knows someday that "fella" might be your boss...
(previously was posted by the person who bounces back.. it was deleted earlier but manage to get the archive)

Anonymous said...

Wah wah... kalau dengan senior dah kurang ajar, maknanya kat rumah pun kurang ajar gak la? Mak bapak tak pernah ajar ke? Ke lu "anonymous" yang takde mak bapak? Mau carik gaduh, silakan... tapi just be careful... mulut sendiri boleh tutup ke?

Sori sikit... kalau dah dipromote ke memana pun, aku ikut arahan... bukan macam ko tu "anonymous"... You think you can survive? Think many times before putting your stinkin' foot in yer mouth...

Tuhan bagi orang dengan keistimewaan... pendek, pendek gak tapi otak geliga... Lu "anonymous" apa ada? What qualifications you have to question me? Got PhD bertimbun-timbun ke? Ish ish... pegi balik, amik lu nyer degree, buat salat punggung cina... Lagi best....

Anonymous said...

apapun yang penting dia tak kacau periuk nasik aku sudah

cemilion said...


The concern are..
DID he ever realise?

Anonymous said...

e'eh ader ader org marahlah marahlah...siapalah orangnya itu...mungkin si pendek itu?hahahaha...mungkin la kut.so aku gelarkan anonymous yg marah itu - onanimos pendekus bododus nak mampus.

Dengan mak bapak maner leh kuang ajar. lainlah kalau mak bapak lu tak bagitau masa lu membesar dulu. Tapi, nak besar cane ye dak?dari dulu pendek tang tu jer tak tinggi-tinggi. hahahaha bodo nyer pendek. Tapi dengan onanimos pendekus bododus nak mampus, diwajibkan untuk menjadi kuang ajar.

Kena ada qualification ker nak mempersoalkan seseorang?Kena ada degree atau PHD?Gua pun tak mempersoalkan qualificaton lu. Lu ader degree ke, master ker..atau baru nak apply PHD tapi tak dapat ker...ader ke gua persoalkan qualification lu? Rasanya takde.So, lu angkat semua qualification lu, sumbat dalam bontot lu k...Gua pun tak persoalkan lu naik pangkat ke apa?ader ker? Ada ker? Gua ingat lu buta budi bahasa, buta huruf pun ada rupernyer.

Wahai onanimos pendekus bododus nak mampus, napa kalau aku nak cari gaduh?Mulut aku memang leh tutup, so apahal dengan ko pendek?Aku gaduh mulut aku tak reti, tapi kalau nak sumbingkan mulut ko aku pandai.

Gua pun tak persoalkan otak lu. Otak lu memang geliga. Memang gua respek otak lu. Gua pun tak persoalkan napa Tuhan bagi lu otak bergeliga. Tapi geliiga sampah lu tau otak lu.

Lagi satu, yang lu nak jadi racist watpe?masukan cina dalam ini hal?Tak baiklah gitu...apa kata lu sumbat qualifiction lu dalam bontot lu.

hahahaha onanimos pendekus bododus nak mampus

cemilion said...

oh dear...
i think this is getting out of hand..

if i were to be him.
i Will adapt to the society and try to make things better for the living.. not by screwing things up with foul language and swears..

Manners and Mannicures pls o fellow readers.. only beasts howls not anonymous..

If you are so brave.. put your name and we will distinguish either you are right or not..

Happy living!

Anonymous said...

To saudara "H". This is a little piece of my advice. kita ni hidup bermasyarakat. kena la bertolak ansur dan hormat menghormati. u still have a long way to go in your service but i noted that you've encountered problems at every stint in different ministries. Unless you change your attitude, you will go through the same cycle of problem over and over again. Dont be over ambitious. Remember ! In order to gain respect, you must earn it from others first. Lastly, Know your station in life and be humble. Dont let your bad attitude overshadow your potential.


not-so-senior colleague.

cemilion said...

Dear Sincere not-so-senior colleague,

My humblest gratitude for the little piece of advice that you had put in here. I am really hoping that this will be a great lesson to all the new age Civil Servants.

Thank you again.


Anonymous said...