28 November 2007

Men oh Men

Hey... Got A Life?
Spare me a Change?
Im in short of something.

Certain human beings do not realize that they are committing mistakes and wrongdoings all the time. Even the most meticulous human on earth will suffer to this disease. The thing is, the said pain do not physically protrude as a broken bone coming out of your elbow. But the pain is still there.

Human are borned in a way that they will always look for perfection. A nature that was carefully selected and bestowed upon us by the Almighty Allah. In relation to that, human will always scavenge for perfection until he finds it. To a human, once the satisfaction quota has been achieved, the exploration will cease and he/she will further the chase into another sector.

In order to get the gauge filled, Allah had created another factor. This factor is called "check-and -balance". The accounted novelty is put inside another human just to mirror the explorers. It will tell either they are in the right track or had swerved to the path of destruction. Then, if I were to be in front of a mirror and to found myself blundered to the deteriorated and crumbled way, I will quickly adhered to the rule and pull myself to the correct footsteps again.

But then again, there are those who hate it so much to be corrected. These Hard-headed bozos always perceive things their own way. If a mishap should happen, they quickly point their point-finger to others and start to exclude themselves from the misdemeanor. NO such thing as a "Check-and-balance". Criticism is the 8th deadly sin and not a single item to replace it for the 8th virtue.Next thing is they will always put their feet forward and starts to waive their correctized clubs to all people. They are the utmost, unmitigated truth in the whole creation. That is what they claim.

What makes them think that way? Under their divine chapter of "seniority", humility is a non-existence. Those who evolutionize to the taste of "salt" will never admit that the salt is "masin". This proverb shall be foreign to non-Malaysian as it was derived from Malay proverb "...lebih dulu makan garam.." (earlier generation have greater wisdom than newer generation). Well, in term of wisdom yes the "salt" is "salty", but they tend to forget that salty is only for those who have the correct taste bud to taste it.

What I am trying to say is that, globalization will not going to adhere to the rules. Even the Chief Secretary of Malaysia also had stressed that Seniority has nothing to do with your ability and wisdom. Those who excel in their own field will be at a higher post. Not to forget that a principt that I shall never forget which was told by my forefathers "menunduk bukan bererti kalah, meninggi bukan bererti sombong." If this principle is applied to all human. Then the world is perfect and a perfect place to live.

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