15 January 2008

Of Fire Fighting Syndrome

I do not mean to demean or demoralise anybody. Neither do I (literally) mean that I am performing it in action. It is a one of a symbolic phrase to tell about something else.

By definition, "fire fighting syndrome" means "a staff in a company rushing from task to task, not completing one before another interrupts them." Concurrently I suffered to both of the symptoms and the syndrome.

I definitely do not want to point my finger to any of my superiors or my subordinates, but i would rather pin it to my forehead for not being able to cope with the pressures.
But there are some certain factors which do contributed towards the severity of this syndrome, of which I will never tolerate such as:

(i) You would never know what is which.. and which is what.. especially in priority.

All tasks that were given to you is labelled as "Most Urgent Matter", "No. 1 Priority", "Top Demand", "critical", "Pronto" and so on. Those prompts are the signs for you to switch on your engine, push your clutch and the expectation was knobbed up to gear number five. If that is not crucial enough, try to drive 5 to 6 cars at one time by yourself. Imagine that!

Top to down arrangement is the most crucial element to expedite the organization's needs. Nevertheless, later on somebody will fill up the empty cups. Regardless, of how tranquil the business should be. The commotion will always be there and only efforts and hopes are the best instruments to be used to cleared it up.

I would say that all of this is not necessary unless trusts were injected to their mind. If I were inside their shoes, I will not believe in processes. I do hold myself to outcome and substance. But then, the blaring only come between the ears and not to the minds of the beholder. It means this is a factor that contributes fiercely to "fire-fighting syndrome."

(ii) The "never-ness" of looking deeply into the big pictures ahead.

Ahead lies the big plain blue oceans of wonder. In front of them are piles of chunk and bits that were originated from nowhere. It appears to be blocking some of the views and blatantly concealed all the wonders. It also allow waves of fire to inflict more damages without a spill of a solution.
Just because of that, they will never see the spirit of the "existency" to begin with. Should they ask "why", certainly the contour will appear by themselves, clearly. If the "answers" were the sought elements, then fire-fighting will never happen. The order will be very clear. The purposes will served itself and the plate of "motivation" will be a better course to dine on.
But, then again, nobody realize it and let it all be flowing down with the river of time.
(iii) No questions are allowed.
Jump into the fire and you shall become the happiest person ever. Free from any liabilieties. Do not forget this though "Enter at your own risks" and no question is allowed at all! I do not think I am able to venture further to this factor but it does contribute.
So what? Ok. Let me tell you about the impact. Clearly "Fire-fighting syndrome" will:
(i) Get you no further than where you started;
(ii) also consumes resources and saps morale; and
(iii) will permanently decrease your perfomance and efficiency.
Any Solutions? Well, frankly speaking, I am thinking for it right now. I just hope that I will get "acquaintance" with solutions as soon as possible.
I hope that I will not grow to become one of the "Members of Real Orthodox Neural System" or in abbreviation (MORONS).


cemilion said...

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cacah said...

ahah. i like the full name of the MORONS. ahah.

nice one datuk! keep it up!

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get a life.. hahah!!

medcham CK said...

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