7 January 2008

Of Commenting.

Why rate?

- Because you like it. And think that it deserves it!

Why comment?

- Because you think that there are more rooms available for improvement.

- Because you are a 'critique freak'.

- Because you hate it.

- Because there is an 'option' to do it.

- Because it is rewarding.

- Because it satisfies your thirst for condemning other peoples thot!

- Because you have the rights to do it.

- Because you think you are better than them.

The truth is:

- You are way far behind its league.

- You do not have any idea of it.

- Commenting will make you feel good about yourself.

- You do not have anything better to do.

- You are a freaking idiot

- You are a snob with big flashing red nose! And you think that is good.

- You are helping to improve things.

But then:

- You do not even bother to comment.

- Do not remember to do it.

- Feel that it is not worth to comment.

- You are just one step further to the eternal damnation.

- you are an ally to 'Satan'.

- you are just a freak

so be it.

Stop Commenting!


medcham CK said...

ah! nak komen jugak haha!!

ko nape weh?

cemilion said...

Im not getting at anyone.. just at myself...

feel free to reply..

cacah said...

relax Datuk!