31 December 2007

Of the End of 2007

Today is the last day of 2007. I am still in the middle of encrypting some thots into my 360. In my office. Tomorrow will be the beginng 2008. But my life is still benign. My story goes blaa dee blah. As the clock spins the truth is still unanswered. Emptiness has lurked my aims. I almost lost my grip.

People as usual encroach their life by renewing their resolution. By percentage I believe 50% do not achieve whatever things that they had resolute at early of this year. Gross. I am too. In fact, I do not even realize what my resolutions was. Nope. Hate me. Ditch me. Grope me. But forgive me for I still can not recall it.

Well, I want to thanks Mr. Stephen R. Covey for the habits of succesful people. Sir, with all due respect, it is already there and believe me you are just naming it as such so that it would sell and make you gazillions of profits. I wanted to tell you that it is not that impressive to come out with the 8th, 9th, 10th or whatever trick you have under your sleeve. It should tell that, all readers who reads your self help books do not have what it takes to achieve the 'glory' effect and spare me to say that they are edging to become a loser.

Next is to thank Mr. "who-dont-sweat-under-small-stuffs". Please observed that the sweats are small enough to provide you. Bad B.O., Smelly armpits, rashes and all its related illness. Please be reminded that the small stuff called "atom", had carved its name into this world history namely "Nagasaki" and "Hiroshima" and still nobody sweats to this? Do explain.

Oh about globalisation, it is good that there is a brain that actually working this planet. Mr. Friedman.. Thomas L.Friedman, your are absolutely right. Nobody can stop a "tsunami" except the Almighty Creator Himself. You Know Who. But still they believe that Internet which was provided only and ONLY prove to become a "tool-of-entertainment". SO BE IT. Leaves us "toads" under our own roof and only watch the beauty of "information" through "filtration" and "sedimentation". Leave us be for you are the one who are going to dominate this world forever. Information technology are not for the young ones.

Frankly, 2007 is an era of modern technology. Everything must be wireless or otherwise be called OBSOLETES. Surroundings at the age of an infant has been poked with PSP (PlayStation (R) Portable) or Wii. The ultimate exercise recommended today. Do not worry. We adults had miraculously found all cures for all deseases including heart attacks, stress related illness, diabetics and all. Do not worry. The future lies within our hands. Just swallow whatever we feed you son.

Lots more for me to scrawl. But that would make me a gruesome idiot. I am way better than that. I should be better than you 2007. I am going to head to 2008 with my lightning transportation. Catch me if you can.


cacah said...

this is absolutely witty! well done datuk!

nishashburn said...

halo halo! welkam to my bloggie... however did you find it??

cemilion said...

i just had the 'time' to do it.. i did browse thru others too and commented too..
all of you are unique!

cemilion said...

Cemilion 1:
There are a lot of grammatical errors to your post.

Cemilion 2:
Yeah yeah i know.. I am trying to improve my composition.. With less grammatical error.(that is a resolution)