7 December 2007


We really had it with all the rumours, false accusations and silly appeal for obnoxious rights. They think that they have the rights to do that after they accused the Government of Malaysia for "marginilising" them. They claim that the administration had intentionally leave them to the level of destitute. Yet, they are "forgetting" something.

The truth are being not being sung. The accusations are abhorrent. They are pushing it too much and to the limit. They took the political stability here for granted. Maybe they were thinking that they are the most unfortunate and not being crude enough to be this fellow countrymen.

The "back bone" of the country which are currently being smashed directly with this malignant and misbehaving is still in control. Actually after what these irresponsible group of people had done, we can see that the "sway" are still abstaining themselves from taking rash action. Which they could done at a stroke of a fountain-pen. Why? Because we are no thugs. We have lived the day by abiding the law. That is why.

But, still the unruly goes on. Words spread and it has put an unwanted scars to the history of our beloved Malaysia. This will later be remembered by all generations for a very long time as bad pun. As a result of that, the short term impact that were experienced by us are, blocked traffic, plans interrupted, consciousness are intimidated and country's image is tarnished. This surely has gone overboard.

Personally I look to the point that they felt secluded mainly because of their lifestyle. In addition, through movies from their original country influence. They display themselves as "divinely" strong and nothing can stop them even if the world has to come to an end for their admiration and believes. Only by doing it the "hard-way" then they would be "listened-to" whilst they can do it in a better ways!

The foundation of their fathom and their mindset is a total miscontrues. These confused beliefs originated from "haggledy-piggledy" minds, irresponsible and are clouded with self-interests. If they are so cared about what their beliefs, they could gather the "manpower" and their influence to churn some profits. Run a business, sell something, generate some money rather than becoming a brawler?

The thing is, we are living in the same climates. Eating at the same foods. Dynamicly existed as a proud nation for at least 50 years. A period of maturity. We should look forward and for God graciousness sake, we are not that stupid and unfortunate compared to others outside this country. We share the same educations, speaks of the same language and we do trade at the same currencies. Again why must this mishaps occurs? I do not understand.

Finally, I believe maybe everybody including me should take a breather. We should think and compare our beliefs about becoming a nation. A proud nation where everybody's blood is red and the bone is white. No matter of ethnicity and races. It is a vision that could be and not even possible to be achived Moreover, globalisation is a rapid wave. Inability to cope with that wave will later leaves us behind. Not only the seccluded group will be as per claimed, but our Nation will be seccluded and will cease its existence as a proud nation where most of the developed countries do 'take a bow' of respect for our achievement now. Therefore, i still hold a very strong hope deep inside the bottom at my heart for greater unity and shall not approve this vociferous actions.


cemilion said...

there are a lot of grammatical errors to this article. Care to help me to correct it?

thank you.

medcham CK said...

let me help:

1) Dynamicly should be Dynamically

tu je.

yang lain aku tak paham. tinggi sangat English ko ni wei.

cemilion said...

TInggi? read: P. T. K.