18 October 2006

Lucky? Yeah I Guess

To me luck comprises only 20% of my life. Meaning the percentage to get lucky is only at a very small portions. Phrases such.. "u are so lucky", "luck is on my side...", "bla bla luck bla bla".. do not always happen to me. Neither it will happen everyday. Hence, I would also did not bother to even put a slightest hope to get lucky.
Frankly speaking, in living manner, I consider myself as a simple and practical person. It is so hard for me to say that im lucky or in line of luck. Say for instance, my recent Diploma result. To my understanding, I am too close of getting myself included in the Excellent list. But i presume luck came in and unfortunately mine landed to the other side of the fence. In the end I am always greatful at any outcome.
Many months after that, there I am again. It seems that I had fall into the pit of getting lucky again. This time it is the different situation. Neither did i purposely bid myself into it. It was a bookshop. I was scanning for a book to buy. Luckily I found three books bounded upon each other that caught the glimpse of my interest. The maths is simple 'Freakonomics'+'The World is Flat'+'Blink' = RM82.50... It was an awesome offer. Then i gulped and that was the signal of i-cant-resist-the-offer thing. If I were to buy the book at singles price, it may ends me with a peculiar over RM100... Well practically I could not afford that.. So, I decide to grab it...
Before I went to the cash counter, I browse for few more books. I really found Azizi Ali's literatures at most interest rate of excitement. The feeling is like I am about to gnaw at a plate of meatball's spaghetti or nice warm banana fritters with fruity ice tea. Then my luck rolls it's dice again when suddenly one middle-aged guy approached me. The gestures of his eyes was dartedly focus to the book I've grabbed earlier.
He asked me, " Are you gonna buy that?"
"Yes, Sir! Absolutely. I think it is at a very affordable and reasonable price..."
"Well yeah.. why not.. But I ve also bought three sets of that previously. I'm intending to make it as gifts to my nieces. Unfortunately, one of them had already posseses the set. So I don't know either I could return it or not. But i'm thinking of reselling it to anybody who would be interested in it... Would you take it for RM70?"

Well.. why not? Then Im saving myself for RM12.50, which later could afford me to have a plate of Meatball's Spaghetti... I m not taking any chances and quickly ive agreed to pay for it. It is a double Luck for me that day... so here I am.. still reading the book cant wait to peek at another two... I guess im just Lucky again... And if that Chinese guy is reading this again. im saying that im so thankful for the books as the contents is inevitably priceless.......

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