12 July 2006

Experiencing DPA Hangover!

Good Day..
Hi everybody. It is a day that is full of memories to be remembered. Usually, (6 Months Ago), sharp at 9 am, all of us, with full suite, will stand in front of an Emcee.. and all of us will Sang this song as stated in fully translated lyric below. Unfortunately i cant upload the marching tune ere..

Sentiasa selangkah di hadapan
(Always a step ahead)
Dijadikan Pedoman
(Be given as a guidance)
Itulah iltizam kami peserta
(That is our Determination)
Diploma Pengurusan Awam.
(The Public Management Diploma's Participants)
Keteguhan Sahsiah dan Pekerti
(Our Impregnable Calibre)
Lambang Keunggulan PTD
(As a crest of PTD's Excellence)
Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan
(Our Curteous and Ethics)
Jadi Keutamaan
(Be as our Precedence)
Kami berikrar, terus berusaha
(We had vowed, to keep on striving)
Menjiwai Keunggulan
(to instill spiritually the distinction)
Sifat Mulia, Teguhkan Keterampilan
(Dignity, Strengthening the charisma)
Asas Ke Arah Kecemerlangan
(The Chalice of Superiority)
Perkhidmatan Tadbir Diplomatik
(Diplomatic and Administration Service)
Jasa Kepada Pertiwi
(an act of pride to the Country)
Meneruskan Tradisi Ini
(To continue with the tradition)
Aspirasi dan Komitmen kami.
(Our greatest commitment and aspiration)
After that we will undergo wether lectures, Excercises and so forth.. At that moment we detest that. Some of us will try to make fun of it. But to me, the song is something to remind me that im being accepted to be in the Malaysian's Government Premier Service. Moment by moment, we inextricably being churned to be proud of the service.
Beautiful.. and spritually uplifting.
As for this.. some of us (including me) still experience the DPA hangover..
this song will always remain in our mind as a reminder to furnish Excellence into our daily career life.
Nevertheless, one of my friend had uttered that :
"this is a pill.. in fact.. the best pill to swallow.. Screwing ur service up will only left u more vulnerable and susceptible to worse thing that u could ever think of..."
So in order to keep on going with this reality, ritually, i ve started to wear the proud blue tie and white Shirt to office every Monday to the office. this is just to exhibit my allegiance to the batch's Pride (1/2005). Which will never be fading no matter how long the time will go....
I hope someday this will be instilled within all of our Batch's-Member's Heart..
With that i'll leave a few key points for me and all of u readers outside and including the community, which if uttered to me will remind me to all those moments at Diploma Pengurusan Awam.
Tn Mazlan, Lectures, Unit Cetak, INTAN, Lust, Gossips, Friends, Backstabbers, UDPA, TOPI, En. Yaman, Football, Futsal, 243, INTENGAH, PULADA, FRAM, OBS Cherakah... and the list will always goes on.
.... Priceless...


choc shake said...

so glad to have u back here..been missing ur postings!:P

cemilion said...

tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu

azura said...

hi dian..salam..thanks for visiting my blog. i never knew u have one too!
anyway, sronok yer jadi PTD ni? smoga dian n wife n family sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki selalu. May Allah bless u...

medcham CK said...

arkh..the memories..wish that i'm in DPA again..minus the fierce guy..minus the classes..minus the constant movement from kiara to jalan elmu..ahahaa